Bob's CB (ATM-3) - 3 Amp ATM Fuse, Violet, Power Hookup

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Bob's CB (ATM-3) -  3 Amp ATM Fuse, Violet, Power Hookup







Bob's CB (ATM-3) - 3 Amp ATM Fuse, Violet


An ATM fuse is most commonly used as an automotive mini fuse or as a marine mini fuse. Mini fuses are commonly used for electrical applications that have a large number of electrical components that need circuit protection, and where space is limited. Mini ATM fuses are available in a variety of different amperages that meet the circuit protection needs of various electrical components within a vehicle and other electrical equipment.

ATM fuses are considered to be a blade or plug-in fuse. They have two prongs and are made with a plastic body. ATM fuses utilize a universally employed color-coded amp ratings scheme.

Bob's CB

Features and Specifications:

  • ATM Fuse
  • Mini Blade Fuse
  • Current Rating: 3 A
  • Voltage Rating DC: 32 V
  • Mounting Style: Holder
  • Termination Style: Blade
  • Fuse Type: Fast Blow
  • Dimensions: 10.92 mm L x 8.81 mm W x 3.81 H
  • Dimensions: 7/16" L x 11/32" W x 5/32" H
  • Color: Violet
  • Sold: Each

Bob's CB (ATM-3) - 3 Amp ATM Fuse

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