Stargun (STAR-76-7-BOP-M1.25-4) - "Bopper" Series, Dual Round Coil, Tunable, 4" Shaft, 18" Whip, Dual 6 Elements, Broad Banded, Center Loaded, Stargun Antenna Systems

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Stargun (STAR-76-7-BOP-M1.25-4) -







Stargun (STAR-76-7-BOP-M1.25-4) - "Bopper" Series, Dual Round Coil, Tunable, 4" Shaft, 18" Whip, Dual 6 Elements, Broad Banded, Center Loaded


Over 50 years of research and development have gone into the various stages of Stargun Antenna System's product offerings:

  • All units made with CNC machine quality -- using 100% virgin material.
  • Stainless, brass, bronze, aluminum make up the metal content.
  • All coils are stainless tubing 1/4" or 3/8" using acetel.
  • Nine different coils ranging up to the extreme. Any frequency.
  • Matching devices use acetel, Teflon, alumina silicate, wood, hot rod.
  • The first and only horizontal and vertical modular antenna.
  • No 1 for years in the competition world. Cover most frequencies within one antenna package.
  • The only horizontal and vertical full wave ever made.
  • The highest db and bandwidth ever tested by NASA.
  • The world shortest (less than 7" on 11 meter) horizontal and vertical.
  • The only antenna product made with a serial number.
  • The worlds strongest and most durable antenna product.
  • The only real lifetime antenna product on the market. Includes updates.
  • The only antenna that defies the radio handbook theory.
  • The only low noise and longest range antenna in the world.
  • All units are assembled and tested before shipment.
  • The only antenna made using a 4 lbs sledge hammer and a 100 year old, 100 lbs anvil.

Stargun Antenna Systems -Over 30 Different Style Mounting Devices

Features and Specifications:

  • Stargun "Bopper" Series Mobile Antenna
  • Precision Engineering - Unparalleled Results
  • Dual Round Coil
  • Tunable
  • Shaft Length - 4"
  • Whip Length - 18"
  • Dual 6 Elements - Six 4" & Six 3"
  • Horizontal Kit on Top of Coil
  • Broad Banded
  • Standard 3/8" x 24 Thread Mounting
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - Lifetime - Including Updates
  • Sold: Each

Stargun (STAR-76-7-BOP-M1.25-4) - "Bopper" Series

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