Meters - Power, SWR, and Modulation


Astatic (PDC1) - Compact SWR and Power Meter, 100 Watt Maximum Load, Meter

Astatic (PDC2) - Compact SWR/RF Power Meter, 100 Watt Load Capacity, 1.7-150MHz, Meter

Driver Extreme (DRX-6030) - SWR Meter, with 18" Coax Jumper, 26-30MHz, Meter

ProComm (IM-AF) - Inverse Multiplexor System, CB Antenna Works Simultaneously As An AM/FM Antenna, Antenna Splitter

Workman (#CS201) - Coaxial Antenna Switch Box, 1 Input, 2 Outputs, Rotary Switch, SO-239 Connectors, 1000 Watt Max, Antenna Switch Box

Workman (#HP201S) - SWR/Watt Meter, 1 to 1000 Watt Range, 26-30 MHz, Lighted Meter, Peak Reading, Meter

Workman (#SWR2T) - SWR Meter, 1.7-30MHz, Meter

Workman (#SWR3P) - Compact SWR/RF Power Meter, 100 Watt Load Capacity, 1.7-150Mhz, Meter

~Astatic (AST-600) - 3 Separate Easy to Read/Lighted Meters in Combination - SWR/PWR/Modulation, 5000 Watt Load Capacity, 25-30MHz, Meter

~Diamond Antenna (SX-100) - Precision SWR/PWR Meter, 1.6-60MHz, 30/300/3000 Watt, Meters

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