Stryker (SR-955HPC) - AM/FM/USB/LSB/PA, 7-Color LED Backlit Display, Black, Factory Warranty Only, 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Radios

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Stryker (SR-955HPC) - AM/FM/USB/LSB/PA, 7-Color LED Backlit Display, Black, Factory Warranty Only, 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Radios





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Stryker (SR-955HPC) - AM/FM/USB/LSB/PA, 7-Color LED Backlit Display, Black, Factory Warranty Only


No Store Warranty - Factory Warranty Only.

Serious 10 Meter Radio Performance on AM, FM & SSB

Designed from the ground up for excellent all mode performance, the SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radio delivers just that! Until now, most 10 meter mobiles that performed well on SSB weren't very good on AM. The other 50% that were great on AM were terrible on SSB. Stop sacrificing performance, the SR-955HPC excels on AM, FM & SSB!

SR-955HPC 10 Meter Amateur Radio Important Features:

  • High Power - You want talking power, right? The SR-955HPC easily produces 70+ watts PEP. If being heard is important to you, the SR-955HPC has the power needed to do some serious talking.
  • 7-Color Frequency Display - The SR-955HPC features a 7-Color frequency display (Stryker 10 Meter Radio Exclusive)
  • Brilliant 7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate - Choose from 7 colors with the push of a button or let the CPU controller scan through all of the colors on its own. Stryker's exclusive face plate design provides operators with back lighted controls, making adjustments even in the darkest conditions easy.
  • Dimmer Control- Stryker listened to your feedback over the years and that's why the SR-955HPC comes with a 32 position dimmer circuit with the lowest position turning the lights all the way off. If your eyes are sensitive to certain lights in the dark this is a must have feature !
  • Clarifier - Styker's clarifier gives you the option of choosing if you want the fine control to be used only on receive or also on transmit. You can also select how much range the fine and coarse clarifies have.
  • Band / VFO - You can choose between using traditional band mode or VFO mode for continuous operation throughout the frequency range.
  • PC Programmable - You can further customize your radio using your PC!
  • Digital Echo with/Dual Front Mounted Controls - Provides the operator a much wider range of effects and control than typical factory or aftermarket echo boards. Stryker's board is able to reproduce the human voice with virtually no distortion providing maximum clarity and enjoyment.
  • Six Roger Beeps - Six different roger beeps are included with the SR-955HPC. These are controlled using a switched that is located on the front panel. This is a feature that you will find on virtually no other radio direct from the factory. Most importantly you can create your own customizable roger beeps using the PC software and then load them on to the SR-955PHC's on board memory!
  • Variable Power Control - Allows the operator to adjust or vary their carrier from a two watt to over 70 watts PEP.
  • Variable Talk Back Control - The infamous talk back squeal is virtually eliminated with the independently controlled talk back circuitry. The operator can adjust the volume to the perfect level as operating conditions require. Best of all the user no longer has to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal that is often the result of poor design or cost cutting at the production level.
  • Up-Armored Receiver- Stryker's exclusive receiver protection works even under the harshest conditions, such as those experienced at a busy truck stop with many operators running high power radios. In addition their receiver filtering is tighter than most radios on the market. This means adjacent channel rejection is improved.

High performance, stable SSB operation, outstanding AM audio and PC programming make the SR-955HPC the new industry standard!

Stryker Radios - Best Quality + Reliable

Features and Specifications:

  • 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Radio
  • Brilliant 7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate
  • High Power - 70+ watts PEP
  • 7-Color Frequency Display
  • Dimmer Control
  • Clarifier
  • Band / VFO
  • PC Programmable
  • Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls
  • Six Roger Beeps
  • Variable Power Control
  • Variable Talk Back Control
  • Up-Armored Receiver
  • Additional Features Include:
    • Scan your favorite channels or frequencies
    • Large Square S/RF & SWR Meter
    • Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
    • AM/FM/SSB Operation and PA Circuitry
    • Automatic calibrating SWR meter for precise measurements
    • Hi-Cut Noise Filter
    • Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
    • Receive and Microphone gain controls
    • Optional CTCSS Module
  • Contents:
    • Stryker SR-955HPC Transceiver
    • Microphone
    • DC Power Cord with Inline Fuse
    • Mounting Bracket with Hardware
    • Microphone Hanger with Hardware Set
    • USB Programming Cable
    • User's Manual
  • UPC 0094922393180
  • Color: Black
  • No Store Warranty - Factory Warranty Only.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - 3 Year(s)
  • Sold: Each

Stryker Radio SR-955HPC - 10 Meter Amateur Radio
Stryker Radio SR-955HPC - 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Stryker Radio SR-955HPC - Operation's Guide
Stryker Radio SR-955HPC - Operation's Guide

The SR-955HPC Manual

SR-955HPC - Software Download Page

Stryker (SR-955HPC) - AM/FM/USB/LSB/PA

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