~Ranger (RCI-63FFC4) - AM/FM/PA, Chrome, 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Radio

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~Ranger (RCI-63FFC4) - AM/FM/PA, Chrome, 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Radio



Ranger (RCI-63FFC4) - AM/FM/PA, Chrome


The Ranger RCI-63FFC4 (400+ watts) amateur mobile transceiver offers exceptional value for Novice and Technician Class amateurs upgrading to higher class license.

This top-level unit is designed for easy, reliable and safe mobile operation. Available in lower power versions, the RCI-63FFC4 transceiver provides excellent receiver sensitivity and multi-mode operations.

The easy-to-use frequency selection system covers the 10- meter amateur band in 6-band segments. Actual operating frequency is accurately displayed in the 6-digit LED display that's easy to read even in bright sunlight.

A channel indicator speeds return to a popular or previously used frequency without interfering with the operator's attention to the road.

Selectable Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) and Noise Blanker assures noise reduction during mobile operation.

Front panel RF power output control and RF Gain controls enable the operator to set transmitter power and receiver sensitivity to match operating conditions.

Additional front panel controls assure optimum performance under widely varying conditions:

  • A +10 kHz switch complements the frequency selection system by shifting the Tx and Rx frequencies up by a known amount for increased driving safety.
  • Easy-to-read panel meter - three-functions indicating received signal strength, transmitter power output, and antenna SWR.

For use of the RCI-63FFC4 in a base station application, Ranger recommends at minimum a 60 Amp power supply.

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Features and Specifications:

  • 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Radio
  • AM/FM/PA
  • 400+ watts
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Built-in Frequency Counter
  • Multifunction Panel Meter
  • Fully Chromed Housing and Face
  • High Sensitivity Receiver Design
  • Variable RF Power Output
  • Blue LED Display
  • Display Dimmer
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Heat Sink
  • Specifications:
    • General:
      • Model: RCI-63FFC4
      • Frequency Range: 28.015 - 29.465 MHz
      • Emission: AM/FM
      • Frequency Control: Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
      • Frequency Stability: 0.001%
      • Temperature Range: -30C to +50C
      • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm
      • Input Voltage: 13.8V DC
      • Size: 7 7/8" (W) x 11 1/8" (D) x 3 1/4" (H)
      • Weight: 8 Lbs. 3 Oz.
      • Meter: RF Output, RX Receive Signal Strength, SWR
    • Transmitter:
      • RF Power Output: AM/FM: 200 watts DC Carrier; AM: 400 watts Peak Power @100% Modulation
      • Antenna Connectors: Standard SO-239 type, 50 Ohms
      • Spurious Emission: -50 dB
      • Audio Distortion: 10%
      • Frequency Response: 300 to 2500 Hz
      • Microphone: Plug-in (4-Pin) dynamic; with push-to-talk switch and coiled cord
    • Receiver:
      • AM Sensitivity: 0.5 uV for 10dB S+N/N
      • FM Sensitivity: 0.25 uV for 12dB S+N/N
      • Squelch Sensitivity: 0.5 uV
      • Selectivity: -55 dB
      • Image Rejection: 50 dB
      • Hum and Noise: 40 dB
      • Audio Power Output: 2.5W @ 10% THD
  • Contents:
    • 10 Meter RCI-63FFC4 Radio
    • 4 Pin Stock Microphone
    • DC Power Cord
    • Mounting Bracket with Hardware
    • User's Manual
  • UPC 0734168634004
  • Color: Chrome
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - 2 Year(s)
  • Sold: Each

Ranger RCI-63FFC4 - 10 Meter Amateur Radio
Ranger RCI-63FFC4 - 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Ranger RCI-63FFC4 - Operation's Guide
Ranger RCI-63FFC4 - Operation's Guide

The RCI-63FFC4 Manual

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Ranger (RCI-63FFC4) - AM/FM/PA

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